Small christmas tree

The .dxf for this design was provided free by Bill, a member of the Vectric forum. His version was cut from 1/4" MDF and was something over a foot tall. His concept was that the “ornaments” would be V-carved into the material on both sides.

I reduced it to about 8" tall, and cut it from 1/8" MDF. To keep it simple, I did it one-sided, and cut the ornaments all the way through the material. The tree is made up of 8 “arms” held together by two slotted rings. Bill did a fine design.


D’you cut the light on the LM as well Grant? :nerd_face:


@chrismakesstuff Thanks for noticing that, Chris. With the laser and the extreme precision of the Mill, it was really easy to cut very, very tiny wires from aluminum. Crazy gluing the minuscule LED’s was something of a pain, but my wife likes it. :snowman: :snowflake: