Small modification please

When pressing go to zero please have the Z axis go up first and then move the x and Y so that z can clear any hole down clamps

Would you not be concerned that the Z axis would hit the top of its travel and would require a Z re-zero before continuing?

I myself think we need to have independent goto’s.

But if you hit the go home and the z is not raised it will drag across the work damaging the work, bit and be over all messy

It should at lease raise to 0+ 23 (probe hight)

It doesn’t have to go all the way just enough to clear all your Clamps and project on the table

@James I understand your point, James, and this is one thing that I commented on in the gsender beta. I guess that I’m in the camp opposite to yours. Clearly, the software cannot know how high it has to go to clear any obstructions. In the gsender beta, when you hit return home, the first move is an upwards Z move. It seems that would be what you are asking. So, I’m not sure if that means that you believe that it is not going high enough.

I guess that I’m of the same opinion as Wayne. When I tested the beta, the Z rose up when I hit return to home. However, it rose beyond the available “free movement” and hit the top of the gantry, losing its Z0 position. That is not acceptable to me and I said as much in my comments.

If nothing else, a good exchange of views should help Chris develop further releases.

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I guess the best way would be to add a limit switch on the Top of the Z

We’ve since added a ‘safe height’ value into gSender to help clear objects when making certain movements. Has this addressed your original concern @James ?