So. What table size should I build?

I bought everything to build a table yesterday and I was thinking 4’*4’ 40" high. Can I make the table smaller? Can I mount the controller on the side of the table? Thanks.

At an absolute minimum, you can get away with a table that is 44"x44". The controller can be mounted anywhere, you’ll just need to lengthen some of the wires to get the cable runs to where they need to go.

All the dimensions you can find in the ‘Size’ tab here:

You can certainly shave some space off the 4’x4’, as long as it’s at least the size of the ‘foot base’ of the machine

One thing to keep in mind if you decide that you’re going to mount the control board someplace other than on the top of your table, is you still need to be able to operate the three buttons on the control box.

I was thinking about mounting my control box under my table, but that would give me limited access to the buttons. Not a good option from me.

Has anyone relocated these buttons remotely from the control board? Not sure I’d want to give it a go, but that’s always an option.