Soft limits and z probing and pausing

Hey all, hoping someone knows a fix for this or has seen it: i get a soft limit exceeded warning when i probe from the home location.

Also has an issue where the machine stopped in its tracks when surfacing for about 10 seconds, then started right back up. Gsender seemed like it had no idea the machine stopped at it kept on going.

Actually, it just did it again as im typing this.

I have a video of the pause if needed. I disabled the hard and soft limits and am running the job again. I will turn on them one at a time and rerun the surfacing for each if this is successful.

Actually, it did it again with both off.

Here is the video…abou 20 seconds in it happens a bunch

I wonder if your computer is having trouble keeping up with feeding the code? Maybe try running gsender in lightweight mode to see if it helps? Sorry, new to this as well. Just throwing out an idea.

Ill try that in a few minutes. Its a pretty decent machine.

I did a 1 hours cut of that Marvel calendar with no problems, so this happening the next day is pretty surprising.

So it looks like there is something off.

The bottom wheels on the x axis are dragging not spinning even though they are tightened to what i think the directions say.

At the extreme left edge, the top left wheel is too tight to spin.

When this thing pauses, the motors sound like they are making effort, and the gantry wheels are too tight to spin, so i think thats whats causing my hangs.

But how to fix it?

It does sound like your wheels may need adjusting, but if they were actually binding and keeping the gantry from moving your carve would show significant misregistrations, i.e. it would be carving in the wrong place. There is no feedback so neither Gsender or the LM controller wouldn’t know the gantry wasn’t moving when it was told to. It would just assume it did.
When you have the pauses does Gsender keep sending commands, or do they pause to?

So adjusting the wheels again from scratch may have fixed it. When it binds, like you can see in the video, gsender has no idea. It does cause a problem with the carve.

Its strange though that as the gantry moves up the y axis the wheel tension changes. And as it approached the minimum x position the one wheel really gets tight. I suspect the wasteboard its mounted to isnt flush. Im nearly certain its square.

Is there a tutorial video on how to adjust these wheels properly?


@Pkaser Take a look at this video.

Why would my wheels change tightness traversving the axis? It gets supee tight in the middle