Sold: Generic Chinese Laser

I have for sale a generic Chinese diode laser module that can be attached to the router mount of a Long Mill. The power supply is included.
The specs on the laser say that it is 5W. I have no means to measure that and the specs on these things are always suspect. (What a salesman I am!)
I have used it to successfully etch wood, leather, glass, ceramic tile and acrylic. It is really not powerful enough to be used for cutting anything of any thickness. I did cut a plastic binder cover with it.
I will sell it with the mounting bracket that I made for it and with a 4-conductor cable that can be run through the drag chain, with two of the conductors connected to the laser power supply and the other two to the pwm output of the Long Mill controller.

I’m asking $75 + actual shipping cost from Ottawa ON Canada


Hi there,

I am simply looking for a quick etch on a product for a client. Ideally to emulate a branding mark of a logo. If this would do that, I would like to buy it from you.


@artisinwoodcraft I’ve sent you a private message, Mark.

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