[SOLVED] Cant get touch plate to work

Got a touch plate to make my life easier but it keeps crashing the bit into the touch plate on Z axis zeros and even when i try to find the corner, triple checked settings and wire orentation and its all in line with the instructions magnet is attached directly to the collet im using a dewalt router, any help would be so good.

@Luka_G Welcome to the party, Luka. I’m sure that you are right about the settings being correct, but please humour me and post screen caps of all the probe setting screens. Are you using UGS?

Hi Yes i am using UGS

I found the issue.

The wire inside the bannanna connector wasnt making a good connection so i uncrewed it stripped the wire back some and put it back i also took apart the magnet that goes on the collet and put it back together tight to make sure it wasnt it and it fixed the diving issue

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