Speeds feeds and bit noise

How should the bit sound ? I’m getting a high pitched whistling noise does that mean I’m too fast or too slow?

Right bow I’m cutting into 3/4" pine.

@Incredz - Numbers look ok to me. Maybe a little slow on feed rate. What is your rpm setting?

Its around Around 20000rpm

What size bit?

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1/4" dont get the whistling constant but on and off.

@Incredz - It will depend on how deep it’s cutting and side cutting (stepover). Harder part of grain will produce more noise than soft part of grain. And different woods will produce different sounds. As long as the bit is not chattering or producing smoke you should be ok. Might want to put on some hearing protection. Those high pitched noises can harm your ear drums.

I use similar settings with a 1/4" bit on hard maple. Pine should be like butter comparatively. Try lowering you rpms until it chatters, then up it a bit.