Spindle Direction EEPROM

I need the Spindle direction output to turn on and off instead of putting out a high low power. Is there a way to change this?

whats the difference?

From what I understand:
ON/OFF = 5v/0v
High/Low= 3.5v-5v/1.5v-3.3v
I might be wrong with that in reference to this board. I have no way of knowing because my multimeter is crap, but I am getting power with both M3 and M5 (forward and reverse). However, I am going to try to use a single channel 5v relay with a high/low jumper and put it on high to see if it works to give me on off.

My controller switches the direction pin between 0 and 4.8V using M3/M4. Think M5 does nothing on this pin? M5 turns off the Spindlespeed PWM signal, which is previously turned on if M3/M4 is used.

Anyway, in case you want to turn on/off the spindle a relay is mandatory :+1:


What relay would you suggest. I tried a 5V single channel with a high and low setting jumper and mechanical relay I also tried a 5v with a solid state relay and it would not action either. Maybe I need to try a 3V?

Actually, I dont know what you want to use it for. To toggle the direction of an VFD converter (seems odd wrt to the LM) or just to turn on/off the router.
I used mechanical relais (I used two of them cause I dont want to care about the direction I plug the cord into the wall) and the SpindlePWM pin to switch my router on/off automatically. Think mechanical relais are rated for higher currents than the SS-relais are.
So if you want to the same, set $30=250$ to get the maxPWM signal ->5V regardless common spindlespeed settings in the CAM, and use a mechanical 5V relais with the PWM pin.
With this, you should toggle high/low with M3/M5.

Awesome that’s exactly what I think I need. I am running a 1.5k water cooled spindle and none of the controls on the face of my VFD work when it is put in external console mode. The fwd and rev are controlled off a single ground from the VFD. So I would need a relay to swap them back and forth or I could use a switch. Or I could just leave it in fwd but if I could figure how to get it to function with CNCJS I didn’t see why I wouldn’t do it. I plan on doing a write up and posting it since my VFD seems to be different from the other ones people are using.

Ah ok, yeah I think there is no reason for rev mode but I understand the “I could so I will try”.
I have an VFD on my lathe, where I could control the direction and speed externally but its rated for 24V signals. So there is no way of using the 5V signals directly.
If the interface of the VFD also works with 5V, it should work with the controller signals directly if both grounds are connected.

But back to the relay… did you manage to toggle it with the LM controller?