Spindle/laser initializations

  • Have separate start/stop Gcode for laser and spindle
  • Have setting to make spindle or laser default at gSender launch
  • Display comments appended to M0 in the dialog, NOT just during tool change.
  • Is there a way to report a variable value in a M0 dialog? Looks like any comment is taken as literal text
  • Treat laser as a tool, say Tlaser, that can be switched to and from via an M6 command
  • BTW I ran a bigger file than usual, about 400K and the job finished properly but gSender 1.1.2 GUI interface froze about 3/4 way through
  • Another oddity: gSender misinterpreted M04S0; S18000; !
    on my last run and turned on the laser; normally when it sees that, it ignores the comments following the ;

Lots of good ideas @saskia, will take us a while to hammer away at them with all the other stuff in the line even though the gSender team is now at nearly 4 full-time people. Thanks for your thoughts

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