Spindle/Laser tab disappearing

  1. Ihave downloaded the 1.2.4-Edge onto a Lenovo machine and there is no spindle/laser tab.

  2. I have just installed Gsender Edge 1.1.7 onto another machine (also Lenovo) I use and everytime I click the spindle/laser toggle switch back to spindle, the whole spindle/laser tab disappears. I have to restart Gsender to get it back !

These are fresh installs !

Now you see it…

Now you don’t!

Here is the Edge machine…no stopping and restarting brings the Spindle/Laser menu

@GregM For me, if I have the spindle/laser toggle turned on in settings, the spindle/laser option on the main screen is available. If I have the toggle turned off, it is not available.

I can’t speak for Sienci, but I would not classify this as a bug. I would bet it’s by design. If the spindle/laser toggle is turned off in settings, there would be no point in showing the option on the main screen, whose purpose is to set the mode and control its function.

That said, I’m sure that someone from the Sienci gSender team will reply.

Thanks Grant …I had forgotten about that setting in Settings! My error.

I was confused though by why the menu item disappears.
I now realize it doesn’t when the settings are enabled. My error totally.

But…as a point, when the settings for laser are disabled, the tab still shows up on my one machine for ay least one interaction until I I hit the toggle switch. It doesn’t have this behaviour on my other PC’s.

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@GregM In my technical opinion, that’s just weird. :grinning: :grinning:

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