Stock location in CAM vs Gsender

When create parts, I typically align the bottom left to (0,0) and use the 1st quadrant primarily. However, GSender always centers the part on (0,0) which makes the XYZ probe feature much less useful. As far as I can tell there isnt a setting in Fusion360 that changes this in post processing.

What am I doing wrong?

Where’d you set your WCS origin in your Fusion setup?

Your origin is established in your job setup, not in post processing.


I see it set as 54 or G54

Okay, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I think i managed to figure it out. I selected the stock box point to be the (0,0) coordinate. Which seems to solve my problem.

Although, I don’t know if this the correct way because I don’t understand how I stumbled on it.

That’s absolutely correct. I take it you’re new to Fusion?

Never done CAM or CAD in any capacity. I am working through a youtube series, but I couldn’t wait to start dabbling. Thank you for your help, once again.

Happy to help.
I teach CAD and use Fusion almost daily. Feel free to PM if you need any help.