Storage Boxes on Longmill

The wife asked for some storage boxes, time to over engineer it and have fun with the Longmill. :slight_smile:

Took inspiration from a couple of different posts and made a stackable box. Drew it up in F360 (can’t upload that type of file here but if someone is interested in getting a copy let me know and I’ll figure out a way to send it.


Looks great! Can’t wait to receive my longmill (hopefully this week) to start over-engineering projects ha ha ha. Keep up the good work!

Cool! I made a bunch similar to this only I made them with french cleat hooks on the back. Now I can hang the boxes anywhere in my shop or around my work bench. I keep CNC supplies, pyrography, micro-carver etc etc, each in their own box and can move them wherever I am working. They also stack with the same “locking” tabs like you’ve made. I really like how yours fit together!

I like your material Homs downs.