Stupid Question

Ok I’m about to try my Longmill and I have a really dumb question. I’m going to us Vectric Desktop for my cad and cam. Do I have to install a G Code sender on my laptop or will the Desktop software do the communicating? If I have to install a G Code sender what do you all recommend? I noticed it asked for a post processor on the free trail, there are a million of them on the drop down menu, what do I use?

@Carlisle Not stupid at all, Steve. You do need a gcode sender on the computer that is physically attached to your Long Mill. I use UGS, as do many on here. There are others and they are listed on the Sienci site. The most recent UGS Platform version is August 2020. You can find it here:

Choose the 2.0 Platform (nightly build). You need Java 8 installed on the pc to run this.

The instructions to install it are here:

If you bought the touch plate from Sienci, one of the benefits of UGS is that it has a probe module that works with that touch plate for setting XYZ0.

As for post processors in Vectric software, choose grbl inch or grbl mm, depending on what you work in.

Feel free to post questions here as you work through getting up and running. It’s a very generous group.


Thank you so much, not for just the information but for the kindness in your response. Great info and once again I appreciate it.

Hey Gwilki. I am up and running (awesome) but I was trying to cut a simple pocket out to mount the estop button and it runs half the program and then just sits there. It says it is “resuming file tranfer” but its not doing anything. Have you had that happen?

@Carlisle Is the file on a USB stick? If so, copy it to a drive on the PC and try again. If not, curious!!

Let me know and we’ll try to ponder it out.

Oh, another thing, assuming that you are running windows of some number or another, go into the power settings and set it so that it never reduces power to the USB ports. Windows 10, by default, reduces after some set time and it will screw up communication with the LM controller.

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I’ve run may projects off of a USB stick without issue.
@Carlisle, have you tried clicking “Play” again when it pauses? Another question. If you’ve tried this file more than once, does it always stop at the same place?

Grant is a gentleman and a true resource here on the forum. Great guy.

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The first time I had something like this happen I didn’t notice right away that an organe “HOLD” had appeared in the green/red status of the digital read out in UGS. Did you notice if this was on the screen?

The DRO area is the one that says either ALARM in red or READY (I think?) in green. HOLD in orange, which stops the file sending (if you are getting HOLD alerts) appears to be related to some static build up per previous comments from Grant. I’ve always been able to hit the “play” button and it has resumed for me when this has happened.


@paullarson Paul: I don’t doubt it, but in my experience and that of others, it can be a source of problems. I figured that it was worth a shot. :grinning:

@jwoody18 Tks very much, Jeff.

@Carlisle Steve: And another thing … :wink: What are you doing for dust collectioin? As Jeff mentioned, static can wreak hell with CNC

Hey guys I’m sorry I’m just now getting around to answering you. I have no I do I had a response I’m sorry I think the problem was I kept shutting my laptop to keep the dust out and it would stop sending information. I also have hooked up my dust collector since then. Thank you for your responses