Tab in gcode but not cut!

Hi All. I have a design in Vectric Desktop 11 for a finger-jointed box. I generated the gcode for each panel in a separate file. The path in Vectric shows the 2 tabs for this panel, and when I looked at the gcode I could see where the tab should have been cut. The problem is that the tabs were not cut. I have tried to attach photos of the 2 places where the tabs should have been but theDiscourse forum software complained about ‘invalid access’ and the upload of one failed. This is along with the gcode file.
FrontPanel_2_2mm.gcode (9.9 KB)
Can anybody suggest what the problem might be? I’ve done a number of other similar projects.
Thanks in advance!!

@falviani Frank: I am running VCP 10.5 and vectric seems to think it’s a good idea to block older versions from opening newer version files. Is there any way in 11 that will let you write it out as a 10.5? If not, if you want to post a .dxf file, I could do the toolpaths in 10.5. You would be able to open them in 11. For me, the gcode doesn’t say anything. Maybe others will see something.

@falviani I’ve sent you a private message, Frank.

I processed the rest of the panels in the design and there were no problems. This may have just been a wierd glitch.