The cut is undersized. (approx. 1/5 ) of design size

Just purchased Easel Pro and set machine profile to X carve. How do I get tru size of design?

@nor Which model X Carve do you have, Ron? It sounds like you may have a metric/imperial measurement issue.

You may be right. The movement of the bit is also slow. How do I change it? I now have X-Carve Pro (pre Nov 2021

@nor I have never used Easel but i just did a quick search on the web site, and saw articles on feed rates. I’m sure that you will find what you are looking for there. I also looked on youtube and there are many videos there that deal with feed rates.

@nor Ron: Did you resolve your issue?

Do you mean that your entire design is 80% of the size it should be? Like if you were cutting as 10" square it comes out as an 8" square?

No. At this point when I try to test the wiring for x,y,z I only get movement on the monitor but the motors don’t run. Is there any way to get hands-on help? I am totally frustrated with the problems. Thanks, Ron

At this point I am not getting any movement of the motors. I can’t understand what the problem is. Ron

@nor Ron: It sounds like you’ve gone from the size issue to a mechanical issue. I suggest that you write directly to Sienci support by filling out this form under the Machine Support link

Be sure in to include what you are seeing as far as lights on the controller that indicate that it is getting power. If none of the motors are moving and you are getting no sounds, it would seem that there is no power to the controller. What version controller do you have? There were some issues with the power switch on early models.