Tilling a big project

Hello everyone. I just finished building my 30 x 12 Longmill. I bought this size because of limited space.I have heard of a method called tilling to make bigger projects than your workable space. Can anyone tell me how??? Is it done at the vector level, CAM level or later. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Hi @Panamapete. Usually tiling is a function of the software you are using. If you select tiling it will mark your project into multiple sections for carving and generate separate toolpaths. What software do you use? I run VCarve Pro which is a combination CAD/CAM.

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Hi Heyward, thanks for the reply. Im still playing with different software. Tried Carbide Create (free) and Inkscape. Im pretty sure that these free versions are very limited and cannot do what I want. I am leaning towards VCarve, not sure which version , Desktop or Pro.

@Panamapete - Pierre, I use VCarve Pro currently. I started with Desktop but the 25x25 size limit was a problem for me. If that doesn’t bother you go with Desktop. You can always upgrade later for the difference in price between the two.

Yeah, from what I see in the comparisons, the main difference between Pro and Desktop is the limited sizing, an issue which is not important to me since I bought the 12x30 Longmill. I am primarily interested in doing signage so Desktop will suffice. And like you said, if I ever find I need the extra “PRO” features I’ll simply upgrade.
thanks for the chat…

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