Tool alert - jointer- for any of you woodworking guys

Menards has a 6" jointer on sale for $99 - looks like they are going quick . Its a Porter-Cable PC160JT.
Looks like it got pretty decent reviews - Home Depot has it for sale at $385, seen on ebay for about $200+

just in case anyone is interested



I bought one. Came on Friday. Its very similar build to the 699$ rikon. The Rikon is 8" wide and has a cast iron table the P-C is 6 and has cast Aluminum. I used it 15 times or so this weekend and the quality of the cut is very similar. Again the difference is you cant take AS MUCH per pass as the P-C is 2 blade and the Rikon is helical. End result is the same. Im not in business so I have the time and patience to get a nice finish just takes a little longer/ So far very happy

Good to know…unboxed mine yesterday. Have mo time to set it up or test until my planer and jointer stand is built. Sits in boxes along with my 30x48 Longmill until I can find the time to deal with them. At least my LM table is built - just got to get to the machine.