Tool dragging across surface of material

Hello All,

A little frustrated but that comes with learning. I thought the router was plunging into the workpiece when started, but I have come to realize that it is just trying to move to the start position with the endmill below the surface and leaving a drag mark across the workpiece.

This has not been happening in the past, and tonight seems to be consistent no matter what I do or gcode sender I use.

Reading through forums is confusing me, so I am hoping a Longmill user might be able to help. The files were designed and post processed using Fusion 360.

@MajorSciGuy Where are you setting your Z0 position in Fusion?

Can you post one of the gcode files that are causing the problem?

I have not used Fusion. Others here have and can likely help. In the meantime, have you turned off the G28 option?