Touch plate does't work anymore

Got my fisrt bug tonight… My touch plate doesn’t work anymore… Got this alarm (see picture). I unpluged it, reboot computer and controler nothing changed… I check the wire, screw, nothing wrong Can someone help ? Do I have to reinstall UGSsender platform ?

I just connect USG to the controler and got this alarm even my probe is not connected on the controler !!!

@maarch Martin: There was a discussion, I think on the UGS group, about this error some time ago. One poster said that it could be noise on the wire. I guess the only solution to that, short of putting a capacitor across the leads, would be to make sure the wire is not close to any other wires when you run the probe module. Another proposed solution was to switch the wires in the green plug. I would try switching the wires, but be sure to have your mouse over the stop button as soon as you try it, just in case.

After verifying several things… When I touch the 2 probes together the alarm disappear.

Seems the contact has reversed suddenly on the controler !!!

Any Advice to solve this please ?

Nothing works. thank’s for your suggestion… When I openUGS platform the alarm is already there even the probe is not plugged in yet ???

Once plugged I touch the magnet and banana together and the alarm dissapear on the screen…

Looks like the contact had reverse in the controler. I think i’ll try to reload GRBL

@maarch Martin: What version of UGS are you running? There is an April 2020 nightly build. If you are not using it, you may want to try it. I’m using it and it seems solid.

I fixed my problem this morning. I reloaded GRBL firmware in the controler. Everyting work fine now.

yes also run the April UGS version.

I’m happy to hear that you solved it, Martin. Plus, I learned something just in case.

Martin, $6 in the grbl settings is either 0 for NO or 1 for NC. You can change it from the console in UGS and it stays where you set it.

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Thank’s I’ll try it if my bug reappear :wink: