Touch Plate not communicating

Hi all. My touch plate was working fine doing everything it was suppose to until yesterday. Now the router drops to touch the plate and then brings up an error basically saying it is not communicating. I have re installed the latest UGS and Java. Everything is set up for to the longmill specs. Everything else works fine. As soon as I push measure outside corner the above happens. Read the forums, watched the videos and still lost. Any thoughts? Thanks Dave…

@stratmedic Welcome David.

When you re-installed UGS, did you re-enter all the parameters for the probe? What version of UGS are you using?

Thanks for the quick response. I am using V. 2.0 10 Aug 20. I may have re installed the same version. Could that be the problem?

I would check to make sure all the wiring is secure in the plug going into the Controller and also the wires connecting the magnet and banana plug, too. There have been some issues with tinned wires not making good contact in the green controller plug and wires coming undone in the banana plug and magnet.

@stratmedic David: In my experience, that version of UGS is a good one. Since UGS does not “install” in the sense of most windows apps, there should be no issues with downloading a clean file and trying again. That said, I think it’s doubtful that is your problem.\

Steven gave you good advice on checking the cable to the probe. Check the magnet end, too. I had an issue where the screw holding the wire to the magnet was loose and I was getting intermittent issues.

Since you said that the probe has worked in the past, I guess it’s obvious to ask “what changed”?

As I understand your first post, you are trying to use the plate for X, Y and Z. If this is correct, I suggest that you try to find only Z0. Let us know what happens and maybe that will twig something to resolve the issue.

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Thanks all. I will check all the connections. I was beginning to think it might be equipment related. I have checked the wiring however I will take the wires out of the green connector and re insert and screw down. Thanks again.