Trouble setting zero on center of work and zero of spoilboard

I zeroed on the center of the board then went to the spoilboard and used the touch plate to zero that. I hit go to zero in gSender and the router doesn’t go up so the bit can clear the sign board to get back to the center of the workpiece. I had to hit the stop button to keep it from breaking the bit.

Thank you if you can help😬

@laststraw This is by design, Terry. Before you click on go to XY0, you need to raise your bit to avoid anything in the way. Early versions of gSender had a go to XYZ0 button and users preferred what is there now. You can always use a macro to return to XYZ0, having the router raise in Z before moving.

You can configure a Safe Height in preferences if using the “Go to” buttons that will achieve this goal - it’s set to 0 by default. It will either raise the router by the configured amount if limit switches aren’t installed, or move to that distance below Z0 if they are enabled.

As Grant mentioned, Go To being split into XY and Z movements was a design decision.

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