UGS can't find Java

I’ve been trying to get my laptop running XP to lauch the UGS platform and I keep getting “cannot find java” error message. I’ve tried to manually input the java location into the UGS config file as per the instructions fix to this issue but have not had any luck. Here’s the problem, the files don’t open up as described in the instructions. When I go to the ugsplarform-Aug.14.2019\ugsplatform\platform\config ,file I have another file labeled “Modules” in there and that’s all. This file is not mentioned in the instructions I was following and I’m at a loss as to where the cut and paste java location needs to be inserted. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

@Rolo Welcome to the club, Rolo.

I believe that you problem is that UGS needs a newer version of Java than XP can run. Look at this link for more info.

Yes - Java 8 needs a minimum of:

Windows 10 (8u51 and above)
Windows 8.x (Desktop)
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Vista SP2
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 (64-bit)
RAM: 128 MB
Disk space: 124 MB for JRE; 2 MB for Java Update
Processor: Minimum Pentium 2 266 MHz processor
Browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and above, Firefox

I guess Java6 just won’t cut it… time to modernize. Was hoping to make use of my old laptop. Really appreciate all the help and quick replies.

how about Linux? your network will be safer without an xp box on it. even before xp source code leaked it had become magnet for internet nasties. Is there a free distro that would turn your old laptop into a neat controller?

I’ve actually just purged XP from an old (but solid) Lenovo T470 and have been running Ubuntu 18.04 o it as a WordPress dev server (I know, WSL2 is probably easier now, but I like what I like…). I’m going to have a shot at installing UGS sometime.

Thanks for your suggestions Steve. I wasn’t intending to use this old laptop on the internet. It was going to be dedicated for use running the Longmill so I wasn’t that concerned about it’s vulnerability to hacking. It’s a solid computer, a dell precision, was top of the line in it’s day and a shame it can’t do the job. I’ve got an old vista laptop that I’ll be using instead. UGS loaded and opened up with no issues so I should be all set. Thanks again.

Oh, that’s good. I was thinking you’d have it on your network to get files to it. Where I work we had that with a turret punch running XP embedded.

I had a shot at putting UGS on my Ubuntu server this morning and, wow, not quite ready for the big time. I’ll get it figured out, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as apt install UGS

I went down the same path, old laptop, ubuntu 18.04 and got stuck on the UGS. Is there any Gcode sender for linux?