UGS not saving probe / touchplate info

Not sure if anyone else has run into this - The first time I ran UGS, and entered the probe / touchplate info, it worked like a charm. After running my job I closed everything down b/c of some windows updates, and the next time I fired up UGS it had forgotten the probe settings.

I looked but could not see how you would save these in the plugin - Am I missing something? its quite a pain if you have to enter all of those every time.

I will say the probe works like a charm though , the machine does the little auto probe dance and like magic you have your zero!


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You should move this to machine support. Its more fitting for the topic and problem your having.

@mikecmp that’s odd because I’ve never lost the probe settings even after closing/opening UGS or power cycling my computer. Maybe it was just because of the update?

I should have closed this out, it has remembered the probe settings going forward

Going to have to look at the code, would be nice if you could have a drop down with your last couple bit diameters in the probe menu

You shouldn’t have to enter in the diameter of the bit into the probing menu since it can find the corner no matter what diameter the bit is

That is pretty obvious after you said it… :slight_smile:

I’ll try using my brain more, and my mouth less!

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