I have been enjoying doing reliefs lately. I have been using UGS with windows and doing fine. Looking at adding limit swutches and considering going to Gsender, but I see negative comments of Gsender , Example locking up. Are these just a few having problems or are there many others not having trouble with Gsender? Is it dependable for long runs of 12 plus hours. I realize it is in beta. thanks for any feed back Gerald

@Scoutergerry Welcome back, Gerald. Long time, no post. :grinning:

You are correct that some here have had and are having issues with gSender. The same can be said of those using UGS. In many cases, the issues with both are “pilot error”, or mechanical causes.

I have had excellent results with gSender; some frustrations with the early versions, but no issues for a while now. That said, I have a very plain jane computer set up and am running windows. I don’t have limit switches of any kind. I had more than my share of lock ups with UGS. I solved most of them with grounding and better cable isolation.

I don’t know if any of this blather helps you. As there are many, many gSender users, I’m hopeful that they will chime in. Clearly, I am a proponent. Finally, I think that longest run that I have had is just over 5 hours. No issues.