UGS rapid jog problem

HI guys,
My problem is when I try to rapid jog. XY rapid travel is set to 10mm@600mm/min. If I jog in any direct by either pushing a jog button once or holding it down, it work fine, but if I increase the speed >600mm/min it wont travel smoothly. It starts and stops or pulses if I hold a jog button down. If I change the jog distance to say 100 and increase the speed to >600, say 1000, and push the jog button once it will move smoothly the 100mm and stop. I would like to keep the travel set to 1mm@1000mm/min or greater and be able to hold a jog button down and have it move smoothly until I release it.
Any thoughts?

I’ve noticed that some versions of UGS don’t jog as smoothly as others, it’s something that is working to be improved. I’ve also noticed that on some versions if you click and hold the jog button in the window it’ll run smoothly but then if you use a ‘hotkey’ to jog then it’ll pulse

@chrismakesstuff That’s a good observation, Chris. I am running a 2020 version and it jogs smoothly using both the click and hold method and using my wireless keypad with mapped keys. However, a big difference is that, with the click and hold, the jog stops as soon as I release the mouse button. With the keypad, when I release the button, the Mill keeps moving. I have to hit Stop, twice to get it to stop.

@IMS_Workshop Please excuse this trip away from your question.