UGS vs Gsender, which to choose?

Which should I choose and why?

@Ptk16 That’s a very open question. :grinning: Why not try them both and go with the one that best meets the way you like to work? I have been using UGS since I got my Mill something over a year ago. I was one of the small group of Alpha testers for gsender and one of the larger group of Beta testers. For me, it has reached a point where I use it exclusively now. Others, I believe, prefer some features of UGS over those of gsender. Still others are using CNCjs, on which gsender is based.

Since both are free, as is CNCjs, I suggest that you take some time to try them all.


I would agree with Grant’s comments above, just keep in mind that GSender is still in Beta, but it is getting very close to release.

I used UGS exclusively for over a year and was also one of the Alpha Testers for GSender. I tried every CAM program Sienci has on their website and settled on UGS as my favorite for my workflow - until GSender. I now use that exclusively and have only had some minor issues with it Alpha Release through Beta Release in my workflow. Those issues have supposedly been addressed in the current release (5.8?) at least the Windows version anyway. I haven’t yet had time to try it out and run a few jobs with it. MAC and Linux versions are still being tweaked.

Use what works for you and what makes the most sense and maybe even keep both - in case you run into issues with either one, you can always use the other sender.

Have fun!

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I didn’t realize that there would be large differences between them…was assuming they were fairly basic and wanted to know which was more stable I guess.

Thanks for the responses guys, I will try a few.


@Ptk16 Just to add to my previous post, there are no “large” differences among them, IMHO. They all take a gcode from a CAM application and send it to our Mill’s controller. I find that, speaking of UGS and the latest beta of gsender, the big difference is in the interface. The Sienci developers seem to have gone out of their way to make a very usable and attractive interface - more so than UGS. For me, the probe module in gsender is superior to the one in UGS and the visualizer is much better.


I know that Gsender is still a “work in progress”, I also was part of all development phases but still I did not have any issue at all since the beginning and I have have been using it exclusively. Using UGS I has small issues but read that some were have crash using UGS that destroyed their pieces.

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