USG Error Code Issue


Just got my Longmill set up, followed all the instructions for using USG. Had it moving a couple times using the jog controller.
All of a sudden started getting this error message.

[GC:G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M5 M9 T0 F0 S0]
[Error] Error while processing response <okPreformatted text>: An unexpected command was completed by the controller.

Any suggestions on a fix or what is happening?

Thanks all!

FWIW, the only time that I have seen a line starting with GC: was when I entered $G. The command is used to print out all the active codes in the controller.

What version of UGS are you running?

What were you doing when the error was generated?

I’m assuming that you shut down UGS and re-opened it, yes?

I realize that none of this answers your questions. I am just trying to learn more, for me and others more knowledgeable than me.

Eric, welcome.

In order, those gcodes mean:
G0 - Linear rapid movements. Cutter does not go straight to the next point, but moves all X then all Y
G54 - The work coordinate system (WCS). This is a standard one, out of 6
G17 - The XY plane
G21 - Use metric units. G20 sets up inches
G90 - Fixed simple cycle for Z axis roughing
G94 - Feed rate in current units - G21=metric from above - per minute
M5 - Spindle off
M9 - Coolant off
T0 - Tool number, 0-255
F0 - Sets feed rate to distance per time, like mm per minute
S0 - Spindle speed in RPM.

UGS is pretty cryptic about its errors, I think the only one of these lines that should annoy UGS is T0. UGS does not support tool changes, so either edit this out of the gcode or have the program that created the gcode not include it. You can also tell UGS to ignore it. I’m not sure about the F0 and S0 so if you keep having problems take them out too. It also helps to break up the line so there is only one code per line, like

I’d be interested where you got the gcode file you’re running. .nc files you find on a website can be very troublesome. To test you system and avoid weird included codes try the Sienci sample files.

Report back on you progress. As a group we’ve gotten pretty good at problem solving.

Have fun.


Just to add to what Bill said, I can confirm that UGS can live with both F and S commands. My gcode has them and they run fine. That said, I’ve looked at a couple of mine and they start with a T command. I can only assume that UGS defaults to ignoring it, as I didn’t know enough to do that.