Using more than one tool or cutter

I was wondering, how could you do it if you wanted to use more than one tool or cutter on a part? Could you have one program where you run the first tool and then when it stops, load the next tool and then load a new program for that second tool and then resume a bit and then continue to cut the part? And by that I mean after the first program runs, have it return to X and Y zero, then load the new cutter, and zero out the Z axis and go from there. Also, this is assuming that both programs are using the same X and Y zero.

That’s the way I do it. I create a G-code file for each cutter. Run one, re-zero the z with the new cutter and run the next file.

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What you describe is the way to do it. If you use Fusion 360 it’s not obvious that you need to post the code for each tool individually. It can get little weird if in the process of running your code you mill away the area you need to re-zero your Z for the next program, so think ahead.

A good idea might be to leave like a little island of material somewhere just to re-zero tools out on.

That works. I do it all the time.