Using my own art and carvings

I am an artist and have so many ideas floating around in my head for making rustic home decor and signs. I have several ideas for candle wall sconces, I hope to pull it off with the LongMill. I also have some carvings that need scanned. I like to use my own designs to make my items unique.


Do you do your art digitally or on physical medium? There are a couple ways to get your art into the computer to cut. I’ve tried doing the converting images to SVG’s in inkscape, and it works ok, but I really need to learn how to draw on the computer.

Luckily I am slightly ok at fusion 360. Just need to learn the cam side.

Looking forward to seeing what you create!

I do my sign designs with MS Publisher. I hand carve different animals for the signs, I scroll the designs, route where needed, the use my dremel to carve in the details. It is very time consuming. I am going to have my hand craved items scanned by a professional then use the digital files for my CNC eliminating all the hand carving and saving me hours of work. I have 100s of photos on my computer to use and with Vcarve it makes it easy to incorporate vectors into a job. I just have to get experience doing it. I am learning a whole new skill set.

Here is a link to my website so you can view my work.


Hi kcortese
Just looked at your website. Very cool. Do you make a living doing this artwork or is it primarily a hobby?
A CNC is going to open you up to a whole new world. I see you do mostly more rustic pieces. Have you considered more modern pieces? Like graphic artist would do? I think it could expand your customer base.
One thing that will be very easy to do with a CNC is inlay work. You could use a variety of materials like wood, plastic and soft metals like aluminum, brass and copper.
I would like to experiment filling recesses with epoxy mixed with natural grains like corn, coffee beans, lentils etc etc. Using different colour materials you could create almost any image you want.

CRD, Thank you for the advise.

I am an absolute beginner in the CNC as my new skills sharpen I am sure that I will get into more complex projects.

My brain is always coming up with new ideas which makes my work unique. I get a lot of custom orders online and at local events. I have been working with wood for 10 years I hope to make more money with a CNC and expand my customer base.

Vcarve has clipart and modeling files included with the software but I am limited to what is supplied. I need purchase more clipart and modeling. I am not to crazy about the banner/ribbons, animal, plant, and food models and see a lot online that I will eventually purchase. So, to get started I am going to use some of the photos and clip art I already have from my own computer.

I have a couple of carvings I created that will get scanned.

That link takes me to a Wordpress sample page

I only saw a wordpress page also.