V-Carving Issue

I got some problems with v-carving. I made a lot of this logo (15) without any issues. I use Vectric Aspire

the corners of letters aren’t sharp and it’s ugly when I pour epoxy into it. Size is 1/2" height.

I use a 30degrees carving bit (from sienci).
Depth : 0.1"
Stepover: 4%
Feed: I try from 100ipm to 20ipm
Plunge: I try from 65ipm to 10ipm

I check and clean each V-Wheels, clean and lube linear rail and lead screws.

Any idea

@GuillC -
Did you use a pocket or vcarve toolpath?

V-carve or quick engraving in Aspire

Both made the same issue

@GuillC You mention that you’ve done 15 of these without issue. What changed?