V-Wheel diameter?

Can someone measure the diameter in milimeters of your v-wheels (outside)?

I am putting together my machine, and even at the outer limits of the eccentric nuts, there’s still not enough space between my wheels to span across the angles. I’ve broken a couple wheels trying to get it to come together. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how much force should have been applied because I’ve never felt this machine and how the tolerances should feel.

Also, of note - my Z-axis, the upper wheels press significantly into the bottom of the motor mount plastic - enough to deform the plastic somewhat.

I’m wondering if somehow they sent out the wrong size wheels. I found online delrin v-wheels in a 25mm diameter (which is what i have) and also 23.9mm versions.

Looks like I can get new ones for about $60 plus shipping, in the smaller version. Before I order them tough I would like a little reassurance that it will fix my issue.

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For anyone wondering, I did hear back from Chris - there was a mixup with the manufacturer. The wheels are supposed to be 23.9mm, but I received 25mm.

They are recommending changing out the eccentric nut wheels only with 23mm to still make everything work together.

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I had the same issue with the wheels being the wrong size. I measured all of my wheels to be 25mm and they rubbed on the 3D printed Z mount and also hit the 3D printed foot. The kit is unusable with the 25mm wheels provided. Super disappointed.