V1.4.7 switches between absolute and relative

I have noticed gSender doesn’t seem to stick in absolute or relative mode. I have no issues with it running tool paths but if I switch between modes to manually move around it doesn’t stick. It seems to randomly switch modes on me. I notice it if I am going back and forth between the jog control and console to move around. I don’t see any indication on the screen which mode it is in but so it is quite frustrating when it doesn’t move as expected. I don’t know if something changed recently. Has anyone else noticed this?

Jog controls use the $J command which does not change modals.

There are plenty of other ways for firmware modals to be reset/change. M2/M30 commands at the end of toolpaths, connecting to the board soft resets, soft-resetting in general (pressing Stop does this, clearing some alarms), etc. These are all firmware behaviours and not something gSender can alter.

I’d have to ask what else you’re doing apart from jogging and using the console to see this behaviour.

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