Variations on a Rose

I keep coming back to a picture I took of a rose in my front yard 8-years ago. I took the photo with the aperature wide open, the ISO set way way down and took the shortest exposure possible. This kept the background mostly black and made the rose and its two buds punch out of the photo. In the last year and a half, I have carved it and lasered it in various materials


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Great work, Scott. It would be interesting to see the one done in what looks to be walnut with a pink epoxy filling, IMHO.

Actually, I was wondering if I could use/brush aniline dies on the MDF one (the one the right) for greens and rose colors and then stain and seal it. As to filling the walnut one, At one point, I thought I might inlay it with purple heart or rose wood…

That is gorgeous Scott! What program did you use to convert the photo to a 3D relief?

@Scottinharwood I think that the issue with aniline dyes will be bleeding. You could seal the MDF first, but then you sort of defeat how an aniline dye wants to work. It wants to soak in. I use a lot of aniline dye powder mixed with distilled water on oak and poplar. It works very well and is darn near foolproof, but it’s designed to soak in, not be a surface stain. For future carves, if you can mask off the background before you carve, you could airbrush colour onto the rose.

An inlay on walnut one would be striking. You could consider pink ivory (which is wood, not ivory), too. Purple heart would look great, but does not hold its purple colour.