Version 1.02 randomly stops

Files created on Vectric V-Carve desktop. Program randomly stops during carve. Pressing pause and then resume usually lets the carve continue (sometimes just a couple of lines before it happens again). This issue does not happen in openbuilds, but I really appreciate the layout and functionality of gSender. Ive looked at the code and don’t see anything obvious. I get no error codes, running on GRBL. Anyone have any ideas?

@Goldenrog Welcome to the group, Jim.

If you are running under Windows, I would suggest that a good start would be updating gSender. The version that you are running has been updated 4 times since it came out last December. Here is a link to the current version 1.0.6. After installing that version, if your problem persists, just post back here. I suggest that you uninstall 1.0.2 before installing the new version.

Thanks for your speedy reply! I will post the results

Problem is much less frequent with the new version. A new item to note, when the cut finishes, the router does shut off but the program has to be stopped manually.

@Goldenrog Jim: What CNC machine are you running? I take it that you are running a spindle and not a trim router, correct? What post processor are you using in VCarve?

I have a Bob’s EVO4, running their GRBL program. I generate code with Vectric V-Carve desktop. Makita router and GRBL inch .gcode

@Goldenrog If no one else offers advice here, I would suggest that you open a support ticket with Sienci. I really know nothing about your machine other than what I can see on the Bob’s site. I’m confused about your statement that the router shuts off at the end of a file, since you are running a router, not a spindle. When you open your ticket, be sure to include how you are controlling your router and what codes you have added to the standard grbl in post processor to get the Bob’s controller to turn the router off and on. That may help Sienci to diagnose your problem.

Would you be able o post any photos or videos of the issue happening? If you have the ‘console’ tab open that’d be usefull as well

Those random symbols aren’t normal :thinking:

@Goldenrog if you use a text editor to search the g-code file for the previous line “G2X3.7684Y1.3301I0.0223J0.0201” do you see anything odd on the following line?

Any thoughts on how I should proceed? I have to babysit the program currently, it paused 43 times on the last file I ran

Well I feel like an idiot. Someone in one of my other groups suggested trying a new USB cable. Seems to have taken care of it. Hindsight being 20/20, it makes sense

@Goldenrog We have all been there, Jim. It’s good that you are up and running well.

I will close this thread. If you have further issues, feel free to start another one. Have fun.