Version 7.2 loses Z zero

I changed the bit and reset the Z axis 0 position by clicking on ZERO ALL. All three axis indicated 0.00.
Cool. Clicked on GO TO ZERO and the bit plunged into the stock so I hit the STOP button on the controller. Hmmmm. Reset the machine. Manually positioned the tool to the zero position and this time used the ZERO Z button. All three axis indicate 0.00 Clicked on GO TO ZERO and again the tool started to plunge until I hit the STOP button on the controller. Disconnected and reconnected and positioned to zero and clicked ZERO ALL. Clicked GO TO ZERO and nothing moved-hurray. Made my finish pass with no issues.

@whittamps would you happen to have homing enabled in gSender for your machine?

yes I d o have homing

With the new update, hitting goto zero will first move the Z axis to the safe-height which is in relation to the maximum z-position but only if you first homed the machine, otherwise if you didn’t home then it’ll be in relation to wherever you first powered your machine on.

I think that might’ve been what happened here. When you had it plunging down to begin with had you homed the machine when you first connected?

Yes, I home the machine at EVERY startup before any other operation. I just tried every method to set Z to 0.00 - ZERO ALL, Zero Z (only), and with the Z probe. No matter which method I use, when I click on GoXY0 the Z axis move up Even if I move the Z position to above the 0.00 location the Z axis moves up.

I got it now. Reading is Fundamental! Go XY0 will move the Z axis to the safe height established in the Settings and then move to X and Y to their respective 0.00 positions. I am used to to the Z first lifting to the safe Z position them moving X and Y and finally setting the Z axis back to 0.00.

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Yes, I suppose this is something we’re still trying to fiddle around with. It might be tweaked a bit more on the next release this coming Friday since we want the movements to make the most sense to the most amount of people :vulcan_salute: