Weekly Community Review - Sept 17/21

Hey @all, happy Friday!

@chrismakesstuff and I have been thinking of trying something new: a weekly community review

We hope this would be a great place to engage in general community banter as we can all exchange cool posts we’ve seen by current users and new ones.

We can also sprinkle in some highlights and company updates :slight_smile:

This is something new we’re trying so this first one will be a bit of a catch-up post. We hope it tickles your fancy and that you also let us know if you found anything else on the forum this week that was interesting to you, educating, or otherwise worth highlighting. Heck, even if you wanted do some self-promotion of a CNC video you’ve made!

Let’s start off with…

Favourite completed setup

This wasn’t too long ago but @hobbyhands showed off quite an intriguing enclosure he put together. His post left an aura of mystery, clearly having some acrylic and surrounding wooden structure but it’s clear that he’s gone to the effort of wedging a CNC into his shop. I’m sure many of us can relate, even in our office the space can be limited. As well, @BC201 contributed pictures and info on his own setup. From explaining the vacuum hose and retractable lanyard runs, to showing of the model of his design giving us a view of his full LED setup, this one was a mind-blower. What great setups!

Table Enclosure ---- CNC Enclosure Finally built

Favourite first project

Sometimes this might not be their VERY first project, but we’ll concede they’ll at least not have posted many projects before. This would have to be a toss-up between @Swinly’s birdfeeder (I like the interesting tree motif and the beautiful finishing) @Rusty_golfer’s folding wine tables, and @Ratmeat’s fibreglass drone frame. What do y’all think?

A Couple of my projects ---- Folding wine tables ---- Replacement drone frame / from DIY fiberglass panel

Standout Projects

These projects we find to be so impressive. The first is @jason.shoes’ chess board. From the crazy detail on the board itself to the addition of the 3D printed pieces, this comes out as a stunner of a project. Next is @Gassman69’s Star Wars table. This is his second one built and it’s just mind blowing the result of this concept once again. The cleanliness is insane guys :exploding_head:

Walnut chessboard ---- Star Wars Table 2 (With Storage)

Finally, how can we not show some love for @webbit_NJ who put some serious elbow grease into cutting and sanding down this lovely Brazillian cherry puzzle. What a cute and engaging concept!

Jatoba Elephant Puzzle -

Now, for some

Interesting & Helpful Discussions

A great question asked by Jeff (@jwoody18): what might be the best way to cut out tabs? Lots of good suggestions here.

Bill (@Bill)'s HDPE clamps are a great addition to anyone’s shop. Thanks for sharing Bill :+1:

And finally, there were some great tips and resources discussed on @gtrboy77’s question when he asked about straightening out his y-axis racking issue. Thanks to @ChrisRem, @paullarson and @gwilki for hopping in and contributing with some great tips!

Company updates

We’re really excited by all the product and software development we’ve been able to do over the last several months, and we hope to get them to you soon. Growing bigger as a company has meant the beginnings of longer-term and more impactful projects :grin:

That’s all for this week folks!

Let us know what you think about these reviews posts and if there are other things you’d tweak or like to see in future posts. Some things could be:

  • Top technical issue and resolution
  • New member shout-outs
  • A weekly video recommendation for learning about CNC

Have a great weekend! :sunny: