Weekly Community Review - September 19 - 25


Well, ladies and gentlemen, a week has gone by since Kelly’s first weekly review post and I’ve volunteered to do this, the second one.

Standout projects

It’s been a quiet week for project posts, so I will take this opportunity to highlight a post of about 3 weeks ago. This is @Scottinharwood (Scott’s) incredible work, carving from a photo that he took of a rose in his yard.

We would really like to see more pics of members’ projects. If you don’t like blowing your own horn, please keep in mind that all of us benefit from seeing what is possible and how you created your work.

Interesting and Helpful Discussions

I’m sure that all of us are frustrated from time to time trying to figure out how to hold our work down to the spoil board. This is particularly difficult when we are cutting out many small pieces, where tabs may be a bigger pain than they are worth, and there is simply no place to put screws.

Double-sided tape has long been a staple in woodworking to schtick parts together. The problem is that it can be pricey and, once it is stuck to one part, the tape cannot be rolled or otherwise pressed firmly onto the other surface.

Enter blue tape and glue. I favour CA gel and accelerator, but @equal_lateral (Linn) offered up a good alternative, using water-based contact cement in place of CA. Here is his post and the discussion that followed:

Company updates


On September 23, Ikenna posted an update on the LaserBeam product. I know all you guys are just itching to burn something, and that progress is not what Ikenna and team would like, but I’m sure that your patience will be rewarded with a first class unit. Here’s the latest:


VCarve Pro in the Sienci store

As a user of VCarvePro, I can attest to its versatility and ease of use. The Vectric support forum is almost as helpful a place as the Sienci forum and there are several very good Youtube channels to learn from. It is pricey, and for hobbyists who cannot write of the cost, that must be a consideration.

Keep in mind that, anyone who already owns VCarve Desktop, can upgrade to the Pro version for the difference in price. The upgrade cannot be done through the Sienci website, but it’s easy enough on Vectric.com.

See here for the announcement:


September/October Production Updates.

The word has obviously gotten out and as a result, sales of the LongMill are brisk. Success always comes with some hiccups, though, and you can read all about shipping and cost issues here:



The various versions of the rose I feel is a great show of creativity by @Scottinharwood. Very impressive Scott!