What is the best software

I just ordered a 30x30 Longmill and look forward to getting into this new hobby. However I am not sure what is the best software to use. Any suggestions what is the best and why?

Well I’m having good luck with CNCjs. https://cnc.js.org/docs/

@abes39 Welcome, Abe.

You will need CAD software to design your projects, CAM software to convert your design into toolpaths and to generate gcode, and finally a gcode sender to talk to the Mill.

Options for all those are set out in the Sienci website. You can start here

You will find threads on this forum talking about pretty much all the software options, with pros can cons for each. Once you have an idea of how you want to start, I’m sure that there are those here who will be able to answer all your questions.

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A bit more info on what you’re comfortable with would be really helpful. Have you done any technical drawing, programming, or 3D printing?

If you’ve no prior experience in any of that, I would recommend starting with “Easel” which will let you get going on your machine pretty quickly, and then upgrading to “Fusion 360” once you find you want fine-grained control of the tool path. CNCjs or UGS will do for sending the actual finished file to the machine, but most of the software work/understanding you need to use your CNC machine is on the design side.

As Grant mentioned, definitely check out our software wizard. It helps to much more easily find the software that would be right for you. It’s able to make personalized choices from over 80 programs that we’ve tested:


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