When will the laser ship

I pre-ordered the LongMill laser near the end of August. When are you expecting them to ship?

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@Dallas Welcome to the group, Dallas.

I believe that this is the most recent information:


It has been a while since there has been an update on the laser. The status page has showed nothing shipped. Can you please give us an update?

I received the laser shortly after the original post

@MikeH Take a look here. Scroll past the Mk2 info and you’ll find the latest on laser shipping.

I see where it says the start of April, so I guess I hold tight for a bit more.

@MikeH Sorry, Mike. I forgot to paste the link.


From your reply, I’m guessing that you have already seen this, but here is the gist of it, posted on April 5

“We’re expecting to start shipping the kits out at the end of the week this week or the start of next week. Ikenna is waiting on Bittele to wrap up the PCB assembly to finish up the drivers on Thursday. There were some delays due to chip and parts shortages for the assembly, but the boards have started fabrication last week. We’ll have around 400 new drivers arriving to wrap up the production for the rest of the LaserBeams.”