Who is interested in a Live Stream by a Longmill User?

Hey folks, as I’m still a relative NOOB with respect to the CNC world I have just purchased some streaming equipment to use for our Youtube page (McLaughlin Woodcraft) and thought to myself “Would anyone interested in CNC be interested in a Live Stream conversation?”

Thinking it would be an amazing resource and like minded people can come together and teach each other (via all our mistakes and trust me I’ve done a lot lol)

Post here to let me know your thoughts and I’ll set it up free of charge!


Hey Chyren. Just purchased my Longmill so I’m sub-noob with respect to the CNC world. While I have no experience to share in your livestream I would be interested in watching and learning from yourself and other users.
I’ll make sure to drop your channel and watch some of your existing videos.

Welcome to the community! So happy to see you are now off on your adventure. I will be setting up a live stream NOOBS FOR NOOBS asap. Hope to get more people involved


sounds good my longmill hasent shiped yet i need to learn it all im signed in as yodeus meaning me from US thank u (MTZ)

Made a quick video on using Easel to make borders on your signs!


Just made a quick video to show the type of stuff I think would be helpful

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Streaming live now on Facebook! McLaughlin WoodCraft

Sorry I missed your live stream. I don’t have a facebook account and thought maybe it would be on Youtube. Will you be posting it on there in the future?

I can set up a live chat this Saturday if people are interested

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I’ll keep any eye on here and see if anyone responds. My interests right now are getting myself setup before my Longmill arives. Bits, waste board material, perhaps dust collection. Nothing crazy yet, but I do have a small shop vac I can make a set up for it. And of course software.

Awesome. Noobs for Noobs can go tomorrow! Will post a time

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Great video. I enjoyed it. I’ve been impressed with watching different people doing things in Easel.
Way more powerful than I originally gave it credit.

Glad you enjoyed it. Working on a new one now.

WE ARE LIVE!!! 1251 PACIFIC TIME! come on over and join us on our Youtube Channel! Lets talk Longmill

Had a great chat today! Looking forward to doing another one in the next couple of days! Learned a lot and look forward to meeting everyone

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I certainly think this is a high potential idea for bringing Long Mill folks together. Hope your endeavors are wildly successful and bring you much joy. I’ll be on the lookout.

Awesome. Going to try for Thursday January 14th at 3pm Pacific time. Will set up a live stream called Noobs for Noobs via Zoom. Will post the link here.

Where can I get the easel program I tried to download from sienci website that they recommended but can’t seem to get it to open right file after downloading ???

@Dmckeen You could try here

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@Dmckeen Sorry, Dave. I don’t think that’s what you are looking for. I should have read the description more carefully. The link is for an easel driver, not Easel itself. I believe that you can get Easel by signing up for Inventables.

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