Who’s getting EXCITED!?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but with each passing day in March I get more and more excited to hopefully start seeing some machines being sent out! I know everyone at Sienci is waiting on the delivery of the final pieces to get boxed up and shipped out and they’re probably as excited as we are! So, what’s everyone’s first project they are planning on making? I’m a COMPLETE newbie to the world of CNC, but I’ve been playing around with Vcarve designing what my “niche” will be for my demographics…….Patriotic Flags! My coworkers are excited and have already been interested in some of the designs I have in mind. Not to mention asking me if I can make various signs for them!

So what are your plans?!

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@EdwardS Howdy Edward! I too am excited as heck to get going on my projects. Currently, my time has been dedicated to getting a laptop and purchasing VCarve Pro. I got it loaded last evening and really haven’t had the time to explore it yet. I went and got plywood for the frame of my bench and as soon as I am able going to build it. Finished the cut list yesterday.

As far as the first project, I haven’t finalized that yet. Probably leveling my spoiler boards and simply getting the hang of how everything works. I am going to focus my attention on public safety related items. Badges, shoulder patches and unfortunately memorial plaques for the fallen. Of course, I have to make something for my lovely bride to enjoy too. After all, she said yes to this adventure.

With all that is occurring in the world, our CNC’s maybe delayed some. I hope not, but you never know. I am confident that the Sienci folks will keep us informed if that occurs.

Take care and be safe! :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m also waiting for my Longmill MK2 to arrive.
In the meantime, I’m still renovating my house and that should be finished before my Longmill is even sent out. According to the order status page, my Longmill will be sent out end of April 2022, so I have a month to finish everything, make some room in my shop and build my table for the CNC.

I already bought a new power supply and a Makita RT0702C router since I live in Belgium and I understood that both would be 110Vac only when they’re supplied by Sienci and our power grid is 230Vac.
I also already have a laptop ready to go with all required software installed and hopefully correctly setup using the power management in Windows to disable USB/laptop/HDD sleep and such.

And I’m also following some youtube tutorials by Garrett Fromme and Mark Lindsay how to use Vectric Aspire.
My first project to carve with the Longmill will be a sign that holds our housenumber, names and 2 butterflies, this sign will be installed near the front door.


@PowerPC603 welcome from the cornfields of Iowa, USA! I have been doing the Vectric tutorials which are also very well done. Good idea on making sure the computer doesn’t go to sleep. I will make those changes as well.

Nice design of your house number plaque. I am positive my bride will have many honey do’s once she sees what it is capable of.

Again welcome! Great group of folks here.

Like all I am excitedly waiting the MK2’s to start shipping, hopefully this week!!!

I just finished the bench top for my Longmill MK2 last week. First build will be making the spoil board and hold down cam’s

Then I will be making the standard house number, The Vetric software is a good program from what I can tell with the practice I have been doing, from all the YouTube tutorials I have beed reviewing.

Can’t wait…

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I’m just waiting and watching the laser beam section to start getting completed.

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