X axis reading incorrectly

I just purchased a used MK1 30 X 30 and installed new bearings and wheels. Its tight now and am trying to test run a simple spoil board project.
My problem is the X axis travel reading. I have all the settings in G sender set to inches. When I travel the X axis all the way across it reads 250 (and not sure what dimensions). I can 0 to center by moving it 125. Also, it appears not to have any rapid travel capability.
The real problem comes when I do a confirming run of the program (it’s in inches) the X axis does move half the desired distance of the program in either direction (I can see the numbers in G sender). The real observed travel is just a few inches either way.
Y axis travel is fine. I’m at a loss where the problem lies?

Welcome to the group, Phil.

Since this is a used unit, I would start by flashing the firmware using the gSender module. Be sure to read and follow all the instructions on the website. Here is the page

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