X axis step cut

I’ve run this project about 4 time without issue. But now I am running into an issue. On the second pass it seems like the x axis has moved and I am getting a stepped cut . When I stop and reset to zero it is not online where the first pass is.

Hello @Aantaya, welcome to the forum.

I am going to assume that you have a LongMill but maybe my suggestions might apply to other machines as well. Seeing that you have run the job successfully before I’m thinking that it probably isn’t software related. I would check that everything on the X axis is tight, especially the coupler from the x axis motor to the lead screw. I had an x axis problem that was because that coupler was a little loose and would slip under load.

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Thanks for the suggestion I’ll take a look

Did you find a solution to this problem? This is the same issue I am having right now.

Assuming your work holding is sufficient, lost steps
are usually mechanical. Make sure your v-wheels and anti backlash nuts aren’t too tight.

@Aantaya Did you resolved this problem?