X Gantry popped off Y raill

First jog of the machine and my X gantry popped of the right Y rail. Put pressure on the lead screw because of the backlash nut. I worked hard to square the machine, but I suspect that is the issue. I am concerned about my right lead screw now being bent.

I am going to have to take the gantry off and get it back on the rails.

Here is my process I am thinking of, I welcome any advice.

I am going to unscrew all of the feet from my table.
Disconnect the lead screws from the steppers so they will be free to move by hand
Get the gantry back on
Get the wheels back in the correct tightness with the acentric nuts
With the gantry back on and the feet free to move work the gantry by hand from the front to the rear of the machine to make it can move allow the entire axis.

Chris (total bumped out first jog … big smile then big frown)

@ChrisRem Well, Chris, at the risk of seeming to be a smart a$$, let me welcome you to the group. I know that you will find it filled with users more than willing to help and to cheer you on.

Now to the issue. If I were you, I would first loosen the coupler at the motor and remove the screws holding the anti-backlash nut to the X gantry plate. Then you can easily remove the lead screw. Roll it on something flat to see if it is bent - unless it’s so bent as to be obvious.

If the left side of the X gantry is still on the Y rail, and you don’t want to remove it, you could remove the feet and rail from the table, then slide it into the wheels. Make sure that you loosen the eccentric nuts and turn them so that the wheels are as wide as they can go. Check to be sure that the wheels are riding on the rail properly. I suspect that they were not and that’s why the gantry came off.

Then it’s just a matter of getting the rail spaced and square, following the original installation instructions.

Report back on how you made out, please.

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@ChrisRem Chris: Did you get everything sorted out?

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