XYZ axis not stable

I have recently developed an issue where my machine will lose 0x Oy 0z during the run. Then everything is carved out of place. Thought it may be the sender but uploaded the newest version of gsender and it’s still happening. Previously had gcode sender.

Anybody have a suggestion? Would static be a problem. I am carving pvc board but have never had this happen before.

@Ron.Wade I’m surprised that no one has suggested any fixes, Ron.

What machine are you running?

When you say that it loses XYZ0 during a run, how do you know that? By that I mean, during the run, I don’t know how you can tell that the machine lost XYZ0. I can understand how you can see that if you stop a job and “return to zero” and it does not return to where you started, but while it is running …

When you say that this is recent, what other changes have you made besides updating gSender?

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