XYZ probe routine

I have a BitZero 2 probe. The inbuilt probe routine of gSender is looking for a solid probe. BitZero 2 has a hole that is used to locate the probe before the routine starts.

Does anyone have any information on utilising the inbuilt gSender probe routine with BitZero 2? All information. received with thanks

This would be something that would have to be done with a custom macro outside of the probe module - it looks like the BitZero 2 has a shape that will cause problems since the current code generation assumes a standard probe shape with square corner or our own auto-zero shape.

You can take a look at the macro @NeilFerreri has provided for CNCjs at CNCjs-Macros/3_Axis_Probe_with_Hole at master · cncjs/CNCjs-Macros · GitHub and use that as a baseline - the “steps” to probe a hole are the same for the Bitzero. The bit needs to touch off the left and right side of the hole to determine the center point along the X axis, touch off the top and bottom of the hole to determine the center point along the Y axis, and then probe Z.

You’d need to change at a minimum the Z_PROBE_THICKNESS variable and possibly some of the retract distances based on the dimensions of the Bitzero 2 which I don’t know/they don’t seem to post openly. This part isn’t something I can help with since I don’t have access to this particular touchplate and I can’t find any specifications online since it’s Carbides proprietary design.

If you can provide the dimensions/a version of the above macro that works for the BitZero 2, it’s definitely something we can publicly share in the future, similar to the BitSetter macros that are available for use.


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Thanks for the insightful information, Kevin. I will try to get hold of a BitZero version one. It may prove easier in the long run. My skills are not in programming.

It would perhaps be more useful to just use part of a 1-2-3 block or such. All you have to do is measure it and input that into gSender for your zero reference block.

Use the “electronics” that is out there to make it connect.

You just need a block that you will use every time you Z-zero (and thickness matches what you use in gSender Settings).

Paint it pink so it catches your eye.

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Well, that wasn’t very helpful, Tex!

It is, if you are so inclined. :smiley:

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