XYZ zero version 7.3

I started a simple project today and was confused for minute. When I set XYZ zero with the touch plate I always move the router around a little and click on the button “Go to XZY Zero” just so I can check it is right before starting the job, today I just went to " Go to XYZ zero" and Z didn’t move at all. I am thinking what the heck is going on here. I reset zero a couple more times before realized the button now said “Go to XY zero”. I am fine with that now, but would like to know the reasoning behind that change please.


The same happened to me for the same reasons.

On a somewhat related note; I’ve had to reset my Z a few times today because it was topping out after using the “goto X” and “goto Y” buttons a couple of times.

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That threw me for a loop until I read Go To XY zero. I was used to the XYZ all moving. I am curious for that reasoning as well.

I can’t give a reason for why it was changed, but I can tell you why I like the change.
Z0 is typically on the surface of your stock. A single move to X0Y0Z0 could potentially have the endmill moving at an unsafe height (clamps). There are also times where one would want to set Z0 at the bottom of the stock or at some depth into the stock. This would obviously be an issue, possibly a safety issue, if someone hit that button by mistake.


Yes, we were pondering what we wanted to do with the button and ultimately made the change for the reasons that Neil points out in with his reply.

We still are making small tweaks here and there to the behaviour of gSender to make sure it works well and it intuitive for a whole variety of users and LM owners, feedback and questions are always welcome!


Thanks Chris. like I said I am fine with it now that I know what to expect and after reading Neil’s post I do see the reasoning. Let’s move forward because I really do feel this is the best G code sender program at there.

Keep up the great work!