Y alignment issues

Ok guys, had to walk away for a bit. Been trying to get the mk2 3030 to jog smoothly on the y axis for the past 4 hours. It’s worse now that when I started. I’ve checked square manually, then ran the calibration in gender based on a 200 mm triangle. It says I’m within .22mm of square. I’ve adjusted all wheels to snug up to the rails. I’ve tried multiple settings on the backlash screws, and when I jog the machine it will bind up and throw one side in front of the other. I’m at my wits end. Any suggestions welcome!

I’m back at it trying to get it right. I finally am able to get it to track down the rails to the back semi smoothly, but when I return it, it dog tracks… one side, then the other. What is thins an indication of?

Have you checked the coupler from the lead screw to the motor? And welcome
to the forum.

@Dan1 Dan: Did you resolve your issue? If not, I suggest that you open a support ticket with Sienci.

Sounds like you’re having the same issue as me. I haven’t been able to figure it out either.

I finally figured it out. I had made the erroneous assumption that the X gantry was cut squarely. It is not. It is cut at an 89.28 degree angle… Close, but enough to throw the big square out by 1/2" when measuring the diagonals of the big box. I slid the left Y axis back 1/2" , fastened the front foot down, moved the Gantry all the way to the back and screwed the back foot down, then fastened the 2 intermediates, and it works perfectly, although out of square. I’ve thought about taking it all apart and recutting the gantry ends, but I’m not sure my cuts would be any more accurate than theirs.

Interesting Dan. I’ll take a look at mine when I get home tonight and see if that’s my issue. I suppose that by moving one of they Y gantries by 1/2" you’d lose that much in travel as well, but worth the sacrifice if it makes it work properly. Thanks for the idea!

Not so, Dave. The entire X axis is skewed 1/2" so both sides still travel the entire length of the Y axis, and both sides bottom out equally, front and back… just skewed. I guess technically, you actually gain 1/2", if you move the router from left rear to right front!

Got it. I had misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying