Y axes movements

Hello, i have a slit problem. Im assembling my long mill MK2. I have the machine together have it connected to my labtop ready to move the machine. Everything work fine except Y + when i move it Y- it roll smooth. when i move the Y+ it seems like it struggles when going in that direction. Almost like it puts the breaks on and trys to stop then its starts to bent because the othe Y reel keeps moving.

I believed i have it quared. Im not understanding why its doing this. Has anyone come across with this problem? Before? Please let me know and if you need more information ill do my best to explain it.


@Tony2 I have moved your question to the Machine Help category.

Here are some things to check.

Check the couplers that connect the lead screws to the motors. If there is slipping there that could lead to one side lagging behind the other. To check this you can change $1 in gSender’s firmware tool to 255. This will keep the motors energized and you can try to turn the lead screw by hand. You shouldn’t be able to turn it without making the motor skip. Change $1 back to the default of 100 when you are done or your motors might run hot.

Check the tightness of the v-wheels. If they are too tight this could cause an axis to bind. You want all the wheels touching the rails but you should be able to turn them by hand. The wheels have kinda sharp edges so I figure if I can turn them by hand without causing too much pain then they aren’t too tight.

Adjust the anti-backlash blocks. I loosen the adjusting bolt until I can feel, and hear if it’s quiet, the play in the block. Do this by grabbing the plate that the backlash block is attached to and try to wiggle it back and forth. Now that you can feel the play, tighten the adjusting bolt until that play goes away. You can give it a smidge more, like 1/16 turn, after the play is gone but not much more or it will cause too much resistance and bind.

Also having a block mounted at an angle can cause it to bind one way. Loosen the mounting bolts for the block so it can move and jog the axis back and forth to let it settle and tighten back up.

Things should move with moderate effort by turning the lead screws by hand with the machine off. When moving the Y try to keep both sides aligned. When you get everything moving you can run the Y axis to the stops to align the two sides. If you get that far it’s time to run gSender’s calibration tool to see how square your install is.

Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

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