Y axis left side possible issue?

Just confirming with all of you. When i first setup my machine I had to bring max speed down to 3000mm so the y axis would not skew / jam. Since then I have ran the litteral crap out of it with no isssues for the most part, but recently I had a few small hiccups with my right side.

Question 1. Do you all have your machine max speed to 4000 without issue? Im just talking about when your jogging it around.

Question 2. Would a bent lead screw cause some of the issues i’m having? I notice i have a pronouced wobble on that side that I do not on the left. I have a few jobs to finish and will then probably tear her down a bit to check

Question 3. What else could be causing this issue? (if it is even one) that i’m not thinking of?

I trouble shot some more, its the board. The y2 outlet gives a weak motor no water what i plug into it. I emaield longmill today, we will see iif they have seen it before.

@timmins02 Did you get all fixed up?